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Shaun of the dead walking scene I could watch this over and over and never get bored. If you haven't seen it, and you a like zombie movies and b have a dark sense of humor, you must immediately go rent it. For those of you that have, enjoy the trivia! There are cameos by a lot of other Spaced regulars as well. In one episode, Simon Pegg's character plays Resident Evil for 24 hours straight, then starts hallucinating that zombies have taken over the world. Nearly all of them will show up later in zombie-form. He'll show up a little bit later as a zombie missing an arm.


While modern comedies slouch when it comes to using camera techniques to get laughs, Shaun of the Dead does more than enough to make up for their faults. Some of the visual techniques used within the film for comedy include parallelism, mise-en-scene, in-and-out of frame, and diagonal motifs. Parallelism This is a technique used primarily within the first half of the film, in which Shaun will normally perform a mundane task one day, then the next day everything around him changes while doing the same task. In the scene above, Shaun is walking to the local market to pick up a Diet Coke, which he does every morning.

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However, the day he sets on doing this, a zombie apocalypse has descended upon the UK, although he only sees this as another obstacle and a chance to geet back with his ex. He is completely oblivious to the factors ruining his relationship and effecting his life. Shauns life drastically changes during the course of the film, losing his mother, step-father and best friend, causing him to become a better person for Liz.

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