How to Tell If a Guy Likes Me: Asian Special

Signs an asian guy likes you Most times, shy guys tend to be more lively in certain environments than most. For instance, a guy could be shy in school but not as shy at home. Basically, a shy guy may become free around people he is familiar with but in term of outsiders, he mostly struggles. However, when it comes to the matters of the heart, a shy guy, just like any other guy exhibits certain actions that speak louder than words. These actions may be consciously or unconsciously done, either ways, the if the guy is crushing on someone he would find a way to communicate his feelings.


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Dating Asian Guys 101. Initial Contact 31. It's been a long few weeks for me. I was sick earlier this week, then was dealing with some stress with work. Feeling much better now so I'm getting black to blogging. So I've decided to write a series of blog posts about dating Asian men.

Well how does he react around you? Is he shy and subtle which is common for most Asian boys, no offence? Or is he friendly and flirty? If he tries to talk to you, remembers your name, looks into your eyes or stares at you from a far you can tell he's interested.

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