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Silverface super reverb mods I changed the coupling cap to blackface standard. Note how Fender wrapped the doghouse power wires and control pot wires with red grounded wires for a "poor man's shielded cable" to reduce noise transmitted and received by these wire groups. Differences between the AA1069 and AA270 are in pink. Click the image to see the hi-res version. Download the pdf here. The Phase Inverter Plate Load resistors are the most important blackface mod.


super reverb wiring

At only 40 watts, a Fender Super Reverb can be pushed into overdrive easier than higher-powered amps and is at a good power range for smaller venues. Photo by GabeMc Hey there from Argentina! Love your articles! I have a 1966 Super Reverb amp, all original. And, might I say, nice amp.

ab763 mods

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65 super reverb testing various mods

Vintage '67 Super Reverb - Cesar Diaz mods