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Sky box update 2018 Sort of. After announcing a partnership in March , the two firms have revealed what this will mean for customers. Starting from today, it will be possible for Sky subscribers to pre-register their interest to sign-up for access to the series and films on Netflix without having to use another app or streaming device. This means Black Mirror will sit alongside Game of Thrones within Sky's show selector, when the feature is switched on in November. Existing Netflix customers will be able to link their account for free. For all the cringe-worthy tweeting between the two companies that followed the announcement — featuring Netflix asking Sky whether they are TeamSteve or TeamJonathan — the move is one that is likely to be welcomed by Sky customers, who will no longer have to switch between devices to watch either Sky or Netflix. Advertisement From November, Sky's homepage will feature programs from both platforms and the on-demand search service will divide the results between Sky Originals and Netflix.


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Comments Shares There are plenty of No Man's Sky hidden mechanics that players can easily miss regardless of whether they're veterans or newcomers. As the game has received continued post-launch support this depth of systems has only grown, with more and more features like underwater bases to fully-fledged multiplayer arriving in-game. As we await the big summer 2019 update, perhaps it would be useful for you to check out our list of hidden mechanics so that when you set out on your next adventure you're not left without a paddle. From camera filters to laser cooling, here's every hidden mechanic you should know about in No Man's Sky. Just press up on the D-pad to access your quick menu, and select Utilities to find the option to toggle between the two perspectives on the go, regardless of whether you're on foot, or piloting a space ship ten thousand feet above the ground.

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