54 TUSCANY TRAIL, Chatham, Ontario, N7M 0A7

Sudbury to chatham ontario Share Adjust Comment Print Though weekend flooding in Chatham was the worst some residents had ever experienced, it could have been worse, officials said. Swollen by days by heavy rain and melting snow, the Thames River peaked Saturday night in Chatham at 5. Streets, homes and businesses in low-lying areas in Chatham were flooded. The municipality opened its convention centre to residents forced to leave their homes, and emergency responders rescued 13 people, including three children, from their homes. Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope said planning by municipal officials, the conservation authority, police and fire in the days before the wall of water coursing down the Thames River arrived paid off. Firefighters and paramedics were on standby Sunday, fire and paramedic Chief Bob Crawford said. Flooding in the low-lying community is often caused by ice jams at the mouth of the Thames in Lighthouse Cove on Lake St.


FDi, a division of Financial Times Limited, ranked 421 locations across North and South America in five categories. economic potential, business friendliness, human capital and lifestyle, cost-effectiveness and connectivity. This year, Canadian cities, many in Ontario, dominated the business friendliness category, proving that the province has many opportunities for new and established businesses. Toronto. A top five 'City of the Future' In the major cities category, Toronto lands the fourth spot overall, ahead of Atlanta, Miami and Boston, and has earned several other accolades, including third in economic potential and business friendliness, and 10th in human capital and lifestyle. Thirty-five per cent of the largest 800 corporations in Canada are headquartered in the region, of which two-thirds are in the city of Toronto.


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