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Tori and beck fanfic Ever since I started watching the show, I thought Beck and Tori were sooo cute together. Anyway, this is how I thought Tori and Beck's exchange in his trailer in the Jade Dumps Beck episode should have gone. I know it's not incredibly romantic and epic, but I tried to stay true to the characters they don't know they want to fall in love…yet ;. Anyway, I'd like to continue the story, I'm loving it so far, so we'll see if I can sit down long enough for me to continue. Even though Jade only broke up with him a couple of days ago, he was finding it harder to laugh and be himself without her. Anyway, hearing little Tori-isms definitely brought his mood higher than it had been all week. Beck deflated a bit.


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The first few chapters will be told from Beck's POV. Then the others will be swapped around. It starts from "Beck's Big Break".

Kiss Of Fame -Vavan/Victorious fanfiction story :)

There was no since denying it when I'd known it since the day our eyes met when she spilled my coffee on me. When she kissed me, it was like I had never kissed Jade before. I knew that she was the one for me. The question in my mind was "'How do I break up with Jade? I can hardly wait until tomorrow.

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A Beck and Tori Gradiation Oneshot

victorious tori and beck (bori) you belong with me

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All the students are roaming down the lobby and hallways as they are chatting with one another. Out of all the friends and acquaintances in the school, Tori Vega is all alone.