‘Catching Kelce’ Finale Winner: Who Won Travis’ Heart Tonight?

Travis kelce maya benberry instagram The girl who ended up with Kelce was … Maya Benberry. After Veronica had a sleep-over date with star Travis Kelce, it was all that some girls could think about, specifically Avery. Even so, Kelce had to eliminate one of the four remaining girls a half hour into the finale. When asking the girls about their ideas of a future with him, Kelce got very similar answers about strength, commitment and connection. Veronica was the first contestant revealed as safe from elimination, followed by Maya. This meant that Lauren and Avery were on the chopping block. Kelce told contestant Lauren that they had a spark from the beginning, but he lately felt they were playing catch up.


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The show has since ended and some are still wondering what happened with Travis and the winner, Maya. Maya, where are you from? I was born in Wurzburg, Germany but raised mostly in Paducah, Kentucky. What was your childhood like?

Travis Kelce Is Shocked to See Maya's Picks - Catching Kelce - E!

By Pippa Raga 6 months ago If you didn't watch last week's episode of Ex on the Beach , I'm not really sure where to begin, other than by saying that Maya is BAE and Kareem is total trash who, pretty much everyone agrees, deserves to be kicked out during tonight's Cut or Crush ceremony. But to back-track a little, Season 2 of the MTV reality show is bringing the best stars of past reality shows to see if they will sink or swim when their exes appear out of nowhere and try for a second chance at getting back together.

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EOTB Maya Benberry IG Live (5/8/19)

Maya Benberry, Janelle Shanks & Nikki Claire - Instagram Live - March 30, 2019

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