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Urban dictionary trending words 2018 Of course, being the crowdsourced slang resource that it is, none of the words were actually invented by Urban Dictionary. In honor of our ever-changing English language , here are the big pop culture words we think everyone needs to know. A crapella — singing badly while listening to music through headphones 2. Askhole — an individual who asks ridiculous, obnoxious or irrelevant questions this is often chronic behavior 4. Awesome sauce — something that is more awesome than awesome awesome topped with awesome sauce 5. Badassery — actions or behavior that are amazing or unbelievable; the act of being a badass 7. Beer me — please, get me a beer can also be used figuratively to ask for anything to be passed or retrieved for the speaker 8.


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Yes, popular slang words beloved by millennials like " binge-watch " and " woo-woo " have been added to the definitive book of words, but what about the slang popping up in your DMs? With a little help from the internet, not to mention Urban Dictionary , knowing the etymology of these terms will ensure you "slay" your next conversation—and avoid cultural appropriation. You'll see what we mean soon. You can get tea, spill tea , and give tea. This slang term—like so many on this list—derives from '80s and '90s ball culture , which is where LGBTQ people performed in drag competitions to celebrate their queerness.

Learn 10 Common Slang words in English I love to use in my daily routine conversation.

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