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Vertiigo meets tank girl Oh, and yes, those are clotheshangers being used in that second shot to fend off a small army of eagles and vultures. Just wanna make sure we're on the same page here. To go ahead and get this out of the way, Birdemic isn't some schlocky slice of camp... No, it's the work of a meek, middle-aged Vietnamese immigrant who, during his downtime shilling software in Silicon Valley, makes movies. Half of Birdemic, James Nguyen's third feature-length flick, is a touching story of love and romance. The other half is CGI birds who spit acid, shoot lasers or something, and try to drag mankind bloodied, kicking, and screaming back to the Dark Ages.


At the same time, Hollywood found itself struggling to cope with a recent loss of studio monopoly and to control its newly enfranchised stars. This caused a great deal of embarrassment to the company, who had sold the film to Paramount explicitly on the promise of his involvement. But what Christopher Lee managed to do with this part, in fact highlights just what a good thing Hammer Productions had going for them, thanks to his continued participation and willingness at the time to endure such indignities, difficulties and slights. However, the replacement of Anthony Hinds with Michael Carreras as producer was just the biggest and most prominent of several changes in personnel which had in the meantime taken place behind the scenes, each of which was to leave its individual mark of difference on the end results of this production, standing it ever so slightly apart from its two Gothic predecessors. This time Franz Reizensteinn would provide a beautifully fantastical score -- his only work for Hammer despite many citing his music here as some of the best in any film produced by the company.

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