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Vostok ice core graph Continental ice sheets The gas age is calculated assuming that the bubbles of gas can only be trapped effectively in layers of older ice i. This process is called sintering. Sintering process - Raynaud, 1992 Plot both the ice age and the gas age as a function of depth These instructions are for PC computers, instructions may be slightly different if using a Mac . first select the entire depth column by clicking on the "A" at the top of it, then hold down the control key, and then select the ice age column by clicking on the "B" at the top. Once both are selected, click on the "Insert" tab, and insert a "Scatter with Straight Lines" plot. Now, right click on the graph and click "select data. Now click "OK", then click OK again to generate the graph. Give your chart appropriate labels for the title and axes and also add a legend- axes labels, titles, and legends can be found under the "Layout" tab.


vostok ice core data excel

The data presented include the updates discussed in Pepin et al. The extension of the Vostok CO2 record shows that the main trends of CO2 are similar for each glacial cycle. Major transitions from the lowest to the highest values are associated with glacial-interglacial transitions. During these transitions, the atmospheric concentrations of CO2 rises from 180 to 280-300 ppmv Petit et al.

Climate change: understanding the facts (Vostok ice core)

vostok ice core data

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Graphs Of Global Temperature And CO2 Levels

The Last Time the Globe Warmed

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