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Wally pokemon illness If you know where we can find it, please get in contact Strap yourselves in folks, we're about to go on a trip. Norman is, much like in the games, a new arrival from the region of Johto who is taking the position as the Petalburg Gymleader and is Ruby's father. Treating training and self-improvement as near Dogma, his brutal training, and personality are viewed through the scope of Ruby's abject terror towards his father. Completely unaccepting of his son's desire to keep away from battling and pursuing contests At least, we're lead to believe this Norman is an overarching shadow on Ruby's journey, something he is eventually going to have to face, the father who has vowed to hunt him down for running away from home. Missing File. 5dfc7216c3.


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The HM added a bit more depth to the game—literally. However, Dive's introduction did create one massive plot hole. How did the player character manage to survive underwater without using any breathing apparatus whatsoever?

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Pokemon Theory: What Was Wally's Sickness?!

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