The Salary of a Wardrobe Stylist

Wardrobe stylist rate sheet Twitter 5 Stylists are just for the rich and famous, right? They're far too expensive for me, right? I only need one if I'm going to walk a red carpet, right? These are the common myths I find every day in my world as a Personal and Corporate Stylist. In the next few minutes I'll be ever so happy to bust them for you! They knew exactly what would suit you from the right shapes to the right colours and could even tell your size just by looking at you. Well, haven't times changed?


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From styling models for fashion shoots and advertising campaigns, to dressing celebrity clients, you'll have a knack for accentuating the positive attributes of the people you dress. You'll need a lot of persistence to succeed in this career, and a good head on your shoulders, since you're likely to be running your own business. Job Description Wardrobe stylists will style clothing so that it transform a person's outward appearance. That person might be a model or she might be a celebrity who needs the perfect look for a big event or fashion shoot. Or, she might be a regular person who needs one-on-one assistance from a personal fashion consultant.

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