What model is my Epiphone Les Paul?

What model is my epiphone les paul In fact, you could say it wails. From Jimmy Page to Slash, the guitar has been instrumental in shaping the sounds of rock and popular music since its release in 1953. But when it comes to Les Pauls, there are a lot of options and one of the biggest decisions a prospective buyer has to make is weighing up the differences between the Epiphone Les Paul vs Gibson Les Paul. But is a Gibson really worth it? And does Epiphone provide a viable alternative? The Les Paul is a legend of rock, but those looking into buying one have a big decision to make.


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Epiphone Les Paul Comparisons - Standand, Ultra, 1960 Tribute Plus, Custom

Epiphone currently produces dozens of different Les Paul models catering to a wide variety of budgets and playing styles. Combine that with several decades-worth of used inventory, and you're left with a selection of instruments that can be overwhelming, to put it mildly.

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Gibson Les Paul vs Epiphone Les Paul - Is it Worth The Money?

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