INotifyPropertyChanged Is Obsolete

Wpf binding trigger propertychanged Wpf Data Binding What is a data binding? A Data Binding is the powerful WPF-way to auto-update data between the business model and the user interface. OK, and what does that mean? It means that by sending an event from for example a data base the user interface magically reloads entries into a table. It can also mean that by altering the entries in a table in the user interface the data base is magically updated. The data binding can also go both ways.


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MVVM Session 01 - Introduction to Model-View-ViewModel Pattern for WPF

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Download source code - 17. As you may know, when we use TwoWay as the mode of our binding, any change that takes place in the target of the binding affects the value of the source. Now, the question is when to update the source with the changes that has taken place in the target.

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Understanding INotifyPropertyChanged Interface in WPF

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