In Canada, Teen Dating Violence Might Be On The Decline

Youth dating violence statistics canada Think back to your own foray into the teen years. Do you recall having conversations with your parents, educators, or even peers, about healthy vs. Chances are, the answer is no. Yet, these are key pieces we need to be teaching youth, from an early age. Dawn and Ed Novak , the parents of Natalie Novak, also killed by her ex-boyfriend have dedicated their lives to teaching young people about warning signs of abusive relationships and encouraging everyone around them to speak out when they see these warning signs. The reality is that many youth are in intimate relationships and they are having sex.


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WiseGuyz is a unique program that is delivered in schools and promotes healthy masculinities and positive ways of being a young man to grade nine boys ages 13-15 , which can help prevent teen dating violence. Developed by the Centre for Sexuality in 2010, the program works to identify and break down health-harming gender norms by exploring the issues that young men face during their teens. Through youth engagement, the program helps to raise awareness of the causes of teen dating violence while promoting healthier and more positive ways of being a young man that also promote healthy relationships. Educating young men about the connections between negative gender norms, sexuality and teen dating violence is important to fostering healthy, positive relationships. We hope to break down barriers to gender equality and address some of the roots of teen dating violence by exploring these issues through a cultural and feminist lens.

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What You Can Do Dating violence is an intentional act of violence whether physical, sexual or emotional by one partner in a dating relationship. It is an abuse of power where one person tries to take control over another person. Victims of dating violence may experience one incident of dating violence or it could be an ongoing pattern of several different types of incidents. It can occur in any type of relationship, regardless of a person's sexual orientation, age or gender and both males and females can experience dating violence.

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