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Zachary quinto official instagram I acquired the organ from my first job at the CCA; the local foreign film theater and gallery space. I spent the next three years writing every song I could possibly squeeze out of it. Most of my first record Gulag Orkestar, 2006 and large parts of my second record The Flying Club Cup, 2007 were written entirely on this organ as well, where it lived in my childhood bedroom not far from downtown Santa Fe. I started writing the first songs of Gallipoli on that organ sometime in late 2016, as the winter started. Soon songs began to take shape in quick and inspiring ways and I booked a three-week session at a fairly new start-up studio in Chelsea Manhattan, called Relic Room in the deep winter of that year. I brought in Gabe Wax, the producer of No No No, who I felt shared a similar vision sonically as I do, and who I knew was as game as I was to push every sound to its near-breaking point.


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WhatsApp Professor Stephen Hawking, the visionary theoretical physicist known for his work on relativity, black holes, and cosmology, died Tuesday night at the age of 76. Despite being given just a few years to live after receiving a diagnosis for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS in 1963, Hawking became a renowned physicist who remains well-known for his book, A Brief History of Time, about the study of the universe. While he was mostly unable to move or speak, save through a computerized vocal synthesizer, Hawking continued his work on black holes and energy, discovering a phenomenon known as Hawking radiation, and becoming the first scientist to theorize the study of the universe in terms of relativity and quantum mechanics. In other words, he theorized that both space and time have a beginning a Big Bang and an ending black holes. In the latter years of his career, he continued to attend technology and science conferences around the world.

Zachary Quinto performs Missy Elliott's "Get Ur Freak On" - Lip Sync Battle

Some of these couples even met in ways that are relatable to us "commoners" —like by meeting through friends or sliding into each other's DMs. The following queer couples some monogamous, others non-monogamous are some of my personal favorites.

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Email Instagram was made for models. Not only does it let them share shots that tragically ended up on the cutting-room floor, it also affords them the opportunity to share their own snaps and selfies for a change. So, from wearing penguin suits we aren't talking tuxes and taking naps with puppies to skydiving and rolling on the beach with other models, here's what today's top male models really want you to see.

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Палец Толика совсем распух и мы решили разгрузить их байдарку - котлы и хозяйственную сумку переложили в другие байдарки. А ведро отчистил Миша - кто-то совершает промахи и ошибки, а кто-то результаты их героически вынужден устранять. Миша - наш человек. А он ходит какой-то скрюченный, двигается замедленно, движения неуклюжие и хаотичные - вот мои наблюдения за "космонавтом" Колосовым. Я предположил, что его укусила змея, на что Колосов категорически ответил, что это он укололся острой веткой.