Yahoo closes user-created chat rooms over sexual conduct

Aol chat rooms closed Those of us who came of age in the 1990s and early 2000s fondly remember the halcyon days of chat rooms, lolspeak, and away messages. We know that, while some of the Ars audience were 1337 sysops on IRC channels, for a lot of us, AIM was the primary way to connect with our friends online across town and around the globe. We asked readers on Twitter. would you share your AIM memories with us? Just a few sentences of what you remember most, what you got out of it, what, if anything, it taught you? The responses have been lightly edited for length and clarity. High-school memories Your tweet triggered a lot of memories for me! In high school, my girlfriends and I would swarm around the computer, doing group-think on chats with a boy one of us liked, yelling and giggling with each exchange.


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Right, the Lowrys at their wedding. The two began their relationship on AIM, which is shutting down Friday. Tracey Sanders Photography Tina Lowry was in her freshman year dorm room in 2001 when her computer dinged. an instant message from HLstyles3. The communication sent over AOL Instant Messenger was from a guy she'd met at a party the week prior.

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Either technology gains have left them vulnerable to exploit or the cost to run and update the site was more than was being generated. Sites like The-Park founded in 1994 grew to 700,000 registered members before shutting down in 2001. As the chatter stated in his post there was no Facebook or smartphones, Chat Sites were the social media of the day. However, the ability to post HTML which spurred the sites growth surly played a part in its demise as people began to learn how to break the chat with the same code. The inherent vulnerabilities in allowing users to pass HTML code, caused connectivity issues amongst similar systems and forced owners to choose between continually fixing the breaks, upgrading to a newer technology or giving up altogether.

Flashback: Confessions of a 90's Internet Addict Will Transport You Back in Time

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