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Can am spyder performance mods First of all, it rotates at 125000 RPM speed which is 42 times more than 2 poles electric motor swimming pool pump for example with only 3000 RPM. Loading 3 reviews of Revolution Motor Works "Jan can get you set up quite well. Welcome to RevolutionMini. On the exhaust side, flow was increased from 147. Jan is straight up and an expert at minis. He tuned my car, serviced it, and upgraded my cams and headers. How a Gear Motor Works.


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Updated May 24, 2019 I usually gravitate towards sportier bikes and trikes, for that matter , which originally led me to pick the Spyder ST-S model -- a leaner, meaner ride-- from the Can-Am lineup. Positioned at the top of the Can-Am Spyder food chain, the touring-oriented RT Limited takes an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach to its equipment list. Select trim bits are chromed, and a two-tone touring saddle complements the exterior hue-- which in the case of my loaner was a satin grey color. The new powerplant is a 1,330cc inline-3 by Rotax which produces 115 horsepower and 96 lb-ft of torque. Can-Am claims 40 percent more roll-on acceleration than previous RT models-- a spec that's a bit difficult to interpret ie, is it 40 percent quicker or more powerful?

CanAm Spyder ECU Upgrade / Remap - acceleration, top speed

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