Evil Dead: Why Mia should return for another film in the franchise

Evil dead remake full movie Blood and bits of brain are everywhere. Unlike most movies that try to appeal to a wide audience by releasing a PG-13 movie, Sony is making a movie filled with blood and guts. The Evil Dead remake is absolutely going to be rated R, and based on what we learned on set, they might have to cut some of the gore or they could get an NC-17. But let me back up a second. Before going any further, I know some of you are upset that Evil Dead is being remade, and you might think Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are getting ready to burn Sony to the ground.


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Tweet For some 30 years now, small clusters of movie teenagers have made the journey to various cabins in various woods. The return ratio for such trips is one surviving, bloodied, traumatized, hospitalized teenager for every 10 dead friends left behind. And the ratio of entertaining, original movies about attractive young people and the hideous monsters that stalk them is about the same. For every clever remake or freshly twisted spin, there are innumerable gore fests with nothing original to say.

Freddy vs Jason

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Молитвы совершаются в честь воскресения Иисуса Христа. Куда попадает человек после смерти на 9-й день.

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