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Ginger cove retirement community Joe Flacco, Ray Rice and the world champion Ravens have five months to go before training camp begins. Big-time athletes, after all, need a chance to rest their bodies and minds after the rigors of a long campaign. Advertisement Then there are the white-clad competitors at Ginger Cove. We like to keep our skills sharp," says Bill Krause, the 91-year-old Imperial Wicket, or captain, of the croquet club at the retirement community in Annapolis. Then he bends at the waist, strokes a heavy ball with a mallet, and watches it roll 20 feet toward the wicket. Advertisement It's a chilly, rain-soaked Saturday in Anne Arundel County, but that doesn't bother Krause or the eight other players who have arrived for an intramural morning match, one of the twice-weekly games they play all winter long.


Community Listing Overview Tucked along the wooded shores of Gingerville Creek, Ginger Cove is a life-care continuing care retirement community that embraces wellness and peace of mind as a way of life. Start your day with a morning swim in the aquatics center, some practice on the putting green, or a kayak paddle. Take in an art lecture. Savor a delicious meal prepared by the executive chef. Enjoy a night at the symphony.

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