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Ikon profile updated There's only so much a person can take and what more at a young age? Here's why I think Hanbin may have developed some mental health issues and evidence to prove it. Firstly, to clarify, B. I's real name is Kim Hanbin , which is the name I prefer to use when referring to him. I honestly think Hanbin is a beautiful name. Now on to serious business. Some background information on Hanbin. Hanbin is a '96 liner who is now 21. He is the leader of iKON, in charge of composing their songs, choreographing their dances, teaching and leading them.


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Представители жесткокрылых могут быть самых разных размеров. Например, жук-геркулес, который распространен в Центральной Америке, может вырастать в длину до пятнадцати сантиметров, а другие маленькие жуки не длиннее пяти миллиметров. Туловище взрослых особей, как правило, имеет три главные части - это голова, грудь и брюшко.

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