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Owo meaning slang Whoever is in doubt should check the speed with which they often turn serious matters to grand jokes. The latest being the memes targeted at the incongruous story about a snake swallowing N36m at the Benue office of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board. From the names given to car brands to churches, the humour cum inventiveness is never in short supply. But the names they call the notes are sometimes confusing and astonishing. The Hausa for example give ethnic names to naira notes. One has to understand the language to know the naira note being referred to. For instance, Hausa call N5 naira biyar; N10, naira goma; N20, naira ishirin; N50, naira hamsin; N100, naira dari; N200, naira dari biyu; N500, naira dari biyar; and N1,000, naira dubu daya.


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The New Furry's Dictionary by Simo This document is an attempt to catalog the slang and terminology used within the Furry fandom. The Furry community is a particularly loose association and informally organized collection of adherents sharing an interest in anthropomorphic characters in art, literature, cinema, theatre, and TV shows. There is no "Furry, Inc.

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Работа мне очень понравилась. Все аккуратненько, без лишних царапинок, точно по эскизу. С телефоном обращались аккуратно - никаких новых царапин и побитостей не обнаружено.

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Когда это будет получаться - немного увеличивайте скорость. Всего на удара в минуту. Вы почти не почувствуете разницы, и без проблем сыграете разогретыми руками.