Women's rights and the Seneca Falls Convention

Womens rights movement 1800s apush The women met while campaigning for the abolition of slavery. After the convention, women organized local groups and held conferences in states across the north and throughout the Midwest. Other women joined the movement like Susan B. Anthony who began with her involvement in the Temperance movement, but like others was forbidden to speak at a temperance convention because she was a woman. Stanton called for equal opportunities in education, employment, voting, and those related to property.


Thanks for watching! Visit Website The experience left her with a negative view of organized religion that followed her the rest of her life. The couple honeymooned in London and attended the World Anti-Slavery delegation as representatives of the American Anti-Slavery Society; however, the convention refused to recognize Stanton or other women delegates. The couple lived in Boston, Massachusetts , for a few years where Elizabeth heard the insights of prominent abolitionists. By 1848, they had three sons and moved to Seneca Falls, New York.

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The Women's Rights Movement: APUSH

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