Cole Sprouse Shares a Stunning Topless Photo of Lili Reinhart for Her Birthday

Cole sprouse photography lili Email Cole Sprouse is waiting for me at a Culver City bar. It's a low-key artists' hang in an industrial zone—not where you'd look for a TV star like Sprouse, 26, but where he fits nonetheless. Sprouse and I head to the quiet back patio, and he lights a cigarette. The show is in its third season, and Sprouse is a breakout. But he's accustomed to the weird aura of fame. He's had enough time in the spotlight to figure out which parts suit him and which don't. Sprouse and his twin brother, Dylan, started acting at 8 months old.


Not only is the snap totally cute, but it's also a great example of Sprouse's photography skills. On May 31, Reinhart posted the fun photo, which serves as a throwback to their 2018 Met Gala appearance, to her account. However, Sprouse was actually the one to have taken the pic, as he can be seen holding the camera.

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