What Are Grounds For A Harassment Restraining Order In Minnesota?

Harassment restraining order mn statute Back to top Violations of Orders for Protection in Dakota County An order for protection OFP is issued against alleged offenders who have committed domestic abuse against a family or household member. In addition to attempting to prevent the alleged offender from committing future acts of domestic abuse, OFPs can grant many other forms of relief for alleged victims that place a significant number of additional restrictions on alleged offenders. Violations of OFPs are punishable as follows. It is a misdemeanor if an alleged offender knows of the existence of an OFP and violates the order. A conviction is punishable by a minimum of three days imprisonment and court-ordered participation in counseling or other appropriate programs. It is a gross misdemeanor if an alleged offender violates an OFP within 10 years of a previous qualified domestic violence-related offense conviction or adjudication of delinquency. Additionally, the alleged offender must be ordered to participate in counseling or other appropriate programs selected by the court.


In recent years States around the U. Each time a court strikes down one of these laws, another legislature somewhere drafts a newer version to limit it. These legislatures hope to satisfy the courts that the new version does not go too far.

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Donald Joseph Hall, Jr. Early, Assistant Attorney General, St. Paul, Minnesota; and Richard G. Hall argues that this portion of the stalking statute is unconstitutionally overbroad in violation of the First Amendment.

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Minnesota Statutes Chapter 504B regulates this law. In order for the Cass County Sheriff's Office to serve these papers, the original Summons and Complaint, plus copies and the appropriate fee must be received. If a Sheriff's Deputy does not find the defendants at home after making attempts on two different days, one day before 6.00 p. The Deputy will then complete the appropriate Affidavits and return the originals to the landlord. This is an Order for the Sheriff to evict the tenant, if the tenant is still occupying the premises.