UML 2 Activity and Action Models

Object node in activity diagram Activity Activity In the browser an activity is placed in a class view , a use case view or a use case , and may contain parameters, expansion and interruptible activity regions , activity partitions , activity nodes activity action , object node or control node and activity diagrams . The activity's properties are exposed below. Activity parameter To simplify in Bouml a parameter is both a UML parameter and a UML parameter node, this means that the properties of a parameter also contains the properties of a parameter node. In the browser a parameter is placed under its activity and may contains flows. A flow can't directly connect two parameters, a parameter is connected through a flow to an expansion node or an activity node activity action , object node or control node whose must be in the activity owing the parameter. Note . parameter sets are defined on actions, see actions.


how to draw an activity diagram

Like all other diagrams, activity diagrams may contain notes and constraints. Actions and Activity Nodes In the flow of control modeled by an activity diagram, things happen. You might evaluate some expression that sets the value of an attribute or that returns some value.

state activity diagram

Components Collaborations Activity diagrams are used to model processes and workflows. The essence of a useful activity diagram is focused on communicating a specific aspect of a system's dynamic behavior.

Activity Diagram

state activity diagram

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