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Uber or rent a car in los angeles reddit Created with Sketch. According to Pamela Eyring , president and owner of the Protocol School of Washington , tipping is important because using Uber or Lyft is generally easier on your wallet than other types of transportation. An Uber representative told HuffPost that pay rates vary by city and drivers earn based on set per-mile, per-minute rates plus surge and applicable promotions. Some people on Reddit who say they drove for rideshare companies claim the companies took a cut as high as 80 percent. Deciding on the right amount to give your driver can be tricky. Consider how long the ride was, how much traffic they had to deal with, and whether they helped with any bags or luggage you had. Diane Gottsman of the Protocol School of Texas said that tipping your Uber driver is similar to tipping a taxi driver.


uber or rent car los angeles

The compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this site and does not impact reviews that are published. Joanna and I were back in LA recently and decided to experiment with not having a rental car and, instead, use Uber whenever we needed to get anywhere that required a car. The experiment was one that came to us when we realised that the cost of renting a car for the 6 nights we were in town coupled with the cost to park was verging on the ridiculous. So that brought Uber into the frame.

Unaccompanied minors (17 and under) drivers and Lyft drivers be aware. Links below

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LYFT HERTZ RENTAL (all you need to know)

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